Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Parade of pretty, sparkly bracelets...

I have some more of my Pretty, Sparkly things to share that I've recently created! Jewelry making is another one of my beloved hobbies. Check out the parade of bracelets I've made below...
The first is my favourite stone, Labradorite - such a stunning stone. It's hard to tell in the photo, since there wasn't too much sun the day I took the picture, but when the light hits it it has a stunning display of colours.. so pretty!

Next is an Olive green Jade and crystal bracelet. I just love the shape of these beads - very modern!
I love interesting beads with fun patterns and irregularities. It makes each bead like a piece of art - even stones with flaws are beautiful. This bracelet uses Green/blue conglomerate Jasper beads and crystals in black and turquoise colours.
Next I have one I made for a co-worker using some chunky Rose Quartz beads, very pretty faceted beads. This one has some weight to it, but it's not too heavy to wear a lot.
Next is a pretty green one featuring some Adventurine beads with subtle facets and some deep, rich green crystal beads. Can you tell I'm on the crytal bandwagon?!
I love Jasper, mainly because it comes in so many interesting and fun patterns. There are so many varieties of Jasper, it's hard to keep them straight some times. This bracelet is made Green matrix Jasper, turquoise and copper beads - I love the look of Turquoise with Copper.
This one uses turquoise and crystals. I love the turquoise beads, they fit together like puzzle pieces.

Well, thanks for looking in today... I'm sure I'll be crafting up some more sparkly things in the future! Have a super day :)


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