Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweater Weather Curly Cute Wreath and some of my furry friends!

Hello on this lovely fall day. I've been so busy prepping for our annual Bazaar at my work - I did manage to sneak some time in on the weekend to create some projects for myself! I made this super adorable curly paper wreath using the 'Sweater Weather' Designer Series papers. I LOVE these papers, the fall colours are so lovely...

 I made the bow with the 'Burlap' ribbon, since the burlap doesn't have a wire in it, I got creative in how I assembled it.
I cut a 10" length, three 8" lengths, one 6" length and a 2" length. Then I cut two more 10" pieces for the bow 'tails'. To assemble I made loops with the ribbon... I attached each end to make my loop, then using hot glue in the center to make the loop into 2 like a bow. I repeated for the 3-8" lengths, the 1-6" length, and the 2" length, which was the very center of the bow. It appears as though it's one piece once it's completed.

I'd like to introduce you to some of my furr-babies... I love my babies, you'll probably see them appear on my blog from time to time since they're so stinkin' cute!!! 

Oscar and Tabitha

Some of my kitties were being so gosh-darn cute yesterday, I just had to take photos of them... They all get along so well, now if only my dog would behave! Have a great day!

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